Next week the market in notable 3 points:Japanese and U.S. corporate earnings,Corona new infections, the number of international PMI

*19:58JST next quotes in the notable 3 points:Japanese and U.S. corporate earnings,Corona new infections, the number of international PMI
■Tokyo Stock Market Outlook

Expected range:upper bound 21000-lower limit of 19,000 yen

Next week, the Nikkei Stock Average,a slowdown from the 2 million yen mark recovery to try there is a scene in it. Trump U.S. government is the resumption of economic activity towards the new guidelines announced, on the 14th of the Nikkei Average Futures Initiative increase. 3 on 25 October with a return to the highs above 4 on the options of special liquidation index [SQ, 19577.48 yen] level recovery. Chart 3 on 19 October lows 16358. 19 circle bottom,4 on 3 days low, 17646. 50 yen second bottom and reversal trends. In the United States of a new type of Corona infection peak and anti-viral drugs and clinical trials progress,the revival of economic activity expected to flow is formed, the rate of the support material have become. However, the domestic in the emergency Declaration area of interest is every Prefecture to expand, such as the new corona of the spread of infection for years and strong, and the Nikkei average also 20000 yen in the vicinity of the upper limit of the weight is recognized this way. As such, this week is the impact on the market that noticeable indicators or is missing from the expected turbulent elements is small.

Rather, the United States is in full swing to corporate earnings announcement quotes the entire flow of the left and right as well. Major U.S. corporate earnings announcement schedule on 20 and IBM, on the 21st Texas Instruments, Netflix,23 day Amazon・dot・com,Intel is scheduled. Especially Texas Instruments and Intel’s announcement, Advantest<6857>And Tokyo Electron<8035>Such as the Nikkei stock average contribution is large in the semiconductor-related stocks influences the attention. Domestic companies, 23 days of disco<6146>And Canon<7751>,24 day of the test<6857>And Fanuc<6954>Financial interest would gather. However, next week Golden Week is also aware of the beginning, a large strain is a week late and this move is expected. 17 November the Nikkei JASDAQ average is 10 take Tengchong,click the link below to find out more about 5 days after that is shown,when the light emerging market small-cap stocks in the ransacked popularity further tilting possibility.

The main economy related schedule is 20 days to 3 months Trade Statistics,3 month convenience store sales,24 October to 3 November the national consumer price index,3 March corporate services price index,2 January all industries Activity Index is scheduled. On the other hand, the United States, such as major overseas schedule is 20 days on rice 3 month Chicago Fed National Activity Index,21 on rice 3 month existing home sales number,to 22 rice 2 October FHFA housing price index,23 October the rice in 3 January new home sales number on 24, US 3 on durable goods orders is scheduled.

■The foreign exchange market prospects

Next week the dollar・yen is lower the astringent from. Rice Trump the regime of the economic activity resumption on the guidelines for shows,city the blockade of the gradual release is expected to spread it. New corona virus in the United States in the spread of infection to a sense of vigilance has not disappeared, the economic and social situation of further deterioration concerns ease and risk aversion for the purpose of selling dollars higher the possibility is low that.

The US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]to Fund measures against the backdrop of USD selling is retracted,the foot is the dollar preference sentiment is not strong. The United States of 3 on retail sales and 4 January NY Fed Manufacturing Index economic indicators such as unexpected deterioration of the virus, the impact of concern is relapse. 16 announcement of initial jobless claims 500 million, significantly above the 4 weeks 2000 million, more than lost their jobs.

Trump administration of their economies, the damage to relieve the economy, toward the reopening of the 3-step process of normalization in the guide showed. Update by 1 month after the full resumption may be from the United States the early recovery of the economy, expectations remain that it. However, a new viral infection every day by many of those who have passed away, that U.S. corporate earnings and the deterioration of aware of us long-term interest rates on astringent if you have risk appetite by dollar buying is likely to shrink to.

■Next week the attention of the schedule

4 month 20 days[Month]: December・balance of trade,and Europe・the Eurozone current account balance, etc
4 June 21 [Tuesday]: Japan・machine tool orders, Ying・unemployment, US・Existing home sales number, such as
4 January 22 [Wed]: Britain・CPI core index, Turkey・the Central Bank interest rate announcement, the United States and Europe・the Eurozone Consumer Confidence Index, etc
4 on 23 October [Thu]: day・manufacturing・services PMI,leading economic CI index, the United States and Europe・the Eurozone manufacturing and services PMI,US manufacturing and services PMI,us・new home sales, such as the number of
4 month 24 days [Friday]:December・CPI core index,nationwide Department store sales,German IFO Business Confidence Index, US・Durable Goods Orders,US University of Michigan consumer sentiment index, such as《YN》

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