Next week the market in notable 3 points:The such as financial results,second bottom, exploring corporate bankruptcies the number of

*19:52JST next quotes in the notable 3 points:The such as financial results,second bottom, exploring corporate bankruptcies the number of
■Tokyo Stock Market Outlook

Expected range: upper limit 18500-minimum 17000 yen

Next week’s Nikkei average continues to be important not to concentrate to explore the deployment and have a long way to go to do it. Spain as the European part of the new corona of infection, the pace slowed from the beginning of the current focus of the U.S. epidemic in the country, has declared a state of emergency and lock-down implementation concerns more risk aversion that is expected. Continue to,the new Corona over the news flow in the downside and sentiment would become. The government is at present denied,declared a state of emergency and lock down at the same time announced it may be,its announcement affected the stock market is short-term, you draw and think,the second bottom explore the and that turning point to. Also, 5 on the Mid is a new type of corona effects are reflected in economic indicators and corporate earnings announcements both in Japan and overseas and continues,severe consequences will face. Individual enterprises, on the 9th Lawson<2651>And the seven & I HD<3382>Of the 2020 FY2 earnings,the Nikkei stock average contribution is large retailing<9983>Of now term (19 years 9 months? 20 years 2 months)financial results and 3 months of Uniqlo Japan sales trends Bulletin is anticipated. Companies current fiscal year earnings forecasts, the modestly suppressed or range type(upper and lower limit indicates the width to have),expected itself the announcement of the send-off is also expected. Announcement of financial results in the feeling of the stock is absorbed you can become the focus as well. On the other hand,the Nikkei Stock Average is a week to week basis 1500 yen more than 4 months by 3 days at 1000 yen strength is lowered as a short-term rebound may be. The current situation is a 3 on the final week of the rebound cycle from the re-showed the form of that counteract is 18300 yen drops to 5-day moving average line to restore the level this is nice and different. This you will not be able to recover the between the lower the middle of your back and should. Ransacked by a new Corona vaccines and infectious diseases medicines development, telework,telehealth, ventilator, nest than consumption, and the circulation at the ransacked expected.
The main economy related schedule is on the 6th, 3 on consumption trends in the survey,7 days to 2 month according to the monthly labour survey, Survey,2 October Household Survey,2 month diffusion indexes,8 October to 2 November machinery orders,2 on the balance of payments,3 March Economy Watchers Survey, a 19 year and 3 months of corporate bankruptcies,9 days to 3 月都 mind office vacancy rate,3 month Consumption Trends Survey,3 January machine tool orders, 4 October regional economic report(the report),10 days to 3 months Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index is anticipated. On the other hand, the United States, such as major overseas schedule is 7 days on rice, 2 on consumer credit,on the 9th of rice 3 production those prices, rice 4 November University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index on the 10th, China 3 month consumer price index・producer prices,U.S. 3-month change in the CPI, Good(Good Friday)in the United States and Britain, such as closed,are planned.

■The foreign exchange market prospects

Next week the dollar・yen is also contact from. In the United States a new type of corona virus infection is a peak one and to of the infection, the damage situation from the exchange and have a long way to go to do it. The U.S. economy shrank concern over this by the Japanese and U.S. stock prices leads to a temporary the Euro, the Japanese yen against the dollar and the strength may be.
Trump President 4 on 12 days of the business aimed at the resumption or so, the virus infection damage to further expand and reason out self-restraint measures, such as the duration of the extended. However, in the United States of the virus infection deaths are significantly likely to increase and the dollar, buying long-lasting, the perception is less so. The virus spread effects of economic indicators will gradually from it. Especially in the employment-related indicators is that the recession (the session)it seems to be extremely sluggish content is likely to continue.
Trump administration’s $ 2 trillion of large-scale economic measures passed from the Federal Reserve (the FED)has an unlimited quantitative easing and dollar liquidity a variety of policy once again,turmoil in the financial markets you can minimize that. However, virus infection, damage of the expansion space to catch up with the economic support measures of the effects are long-lasting but might not be. Incidentally, 4 month 10 days of Good Friday holiday, the Western financial market is closed and.

■Next week the attention of the schedule

4 on May 6 (Monday): sign・Services PMI,German factory orders,US Federal Reserve(FED)stress tests(health screening),capital allocation plan and the deadline for submission of such
4 May 7(Tue): day・real wages total・household spending・foreign exchange reserves・economic 一致指数,Australia・Trade Balance・Australian Reserve Bank interest rate announcement, German industrial production,in・foreign exchange reserves, such as
4 June 8 (Wed): day・trade・the core machinery orders・number of bankruptcies・Economy Watchers Survey, a Switzerland・unemployment rate, US FOMC minutes of the meetings published, such as
4 September 9 (Thu): day・Tokyo office vacancy rate・consumer sentiment and machine tool orders, German trade balance,UK industrial production and goods trade balance, signs・industrial production,increased unemployment, US・wholesale inventories, the South Korean Central banks interest rate announcements
4 June 10 (Fri):days・the Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index, while the consumer price index・producer price index, Turkey・unemployment rate U.S.・CPI core index, the US・alone・Buddha・Ying・sign・Australia・in・NZ・Hong Kong・Club・South Africa・Switzerland・Italy・stock market holidays for Closed(Good Friday)etc
4 on 12 October (sun):Easter(Easter)《SK》

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