Next week's ale: The 12th week is a special omnibus ring in the Paris era, bamboo…

NHK serial TV novel [morning drama] “Ale” [general, Monday-Saturday 8 AM, etc.] starring Masataka Kubota will enter the 12th week from June 15th. In the same week, a special project focused on the characters surrounding Yuichi [Mr. Kubota] and sound [Ms. Fumi Nikaido]. His father, Asan [Mr. Mitsuishi], whose sound had died, and the owner of the cafe "Bamboo". Kajitori Ho [Toru Nomaguchi], his wife Megumi [Nori Riisa], and world-class opera singer Tamaki Futura [Kou Shibasaki] have become omnibuses that appear as the main characters almost every day.

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