Next year's calendar is decided by this! “The man in the man” Putin's 2020 calendar is coolest !!

Speaking of "a man among men" on this earth, there is no other than Ano. You know, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Is there a man who is more "man" than he? While being a Russian, somehow the kanji "male" characters look great. if possible,BEAMS JAPAN MAN CAPI just want to give it.

By the way, it will be absolutely necessary to touch this time.Man Putin's CalendarTo. If you haven't bought something next year, don't get lost. Just buy a Putin calendar. If you put it in the room, it will be safe for one year!

・ You have to buy it!

It was in 2016 that I [Sato] first discovered the Putin's calendar. When I witnessed it at the loft Ikebukuro store, I thought, "I have to buy it!"

Three years later, I encountered the Putin calendar again by chance. This time it is the calendar section of Tokyu Hands Shinjuku store. Surprisingly, Tokyu Hands does not sell a single calendar, but offers a variety of products and even putin shelves for Putin Calendar!You have to buy more than you meet again!

・ Three kinds of purchased calendars

So I bought three calendars. By the way, beware of those who buy this calendar for the first time. Because it is made in Russia, the notation of holidays is different from the Japanese calendar. Please be careful.

Let's look at the three purchased items one by one. First,“ Mini Triple Portrait Putin 2020 Calendar ''[660 yen including tax].

Although it is convenient to be able to see the three months at a glance, the portrait of Putin's man, President Putin, is limited to one of the top photos. Unfortunately, I can't recommend it to anyone who wants to see Putin. There is a magnet on the back, so I put it on the fridge of our editorial department. This will increase everyone's morale.

next,"Desktop Army and Putin Putin 2020 Calendar"[935 yen including tax]. The compatibility between the army and Putin is very good. Not only with the army, but also with squid firearms and conversely, playing with adorable animals looks very good. When he opened the calendar in anticipation of these compositions, he unexpectedly saw a firm handshake with US President Trump.

I decided to put this desk calendar on my desk to give my work more tension. I'm sorry that the desk is a bit messed up, so I'll clear it up during the year and make the calendar easier to see.

Finally, the best of the photos"The Army and Putin Putin 2020 Calendar"[2090 yen including tax]. After all, Putin's calendar is impressive if it is not big.

When I flipped over, it was a two shot with President Trump. that?か な Is the two of you quite close? Well, having a good relationship between them will have a positive impact on the world.

We decided to hang this calendar on the toilet so that we could always feel better at any time. Even if he adds something, he doesn't seem to be distracted. If you think that President Putin is watching, there is a point that it is difficult to use it, but …

If you have done anything in 2019, you should buy Putin's Putin Calendar. If you can see this calendar, you should be able to accomplish what you left behind.

Source:Tokyu Hands Net Store[We do not sell Putin calendars online],Loft online

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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