NGT Honma Nichiyo's first solo con

NGT48 Honma Nichiyo [20] held a solo concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall on the 25th.

Until now, we have performed solo at the NGT48 theater, but this is our first concert. Although he has just reached a new adult, this day, as a “20-year-old medley”, 20 consecutive songs from the opening, “Max Toki 315” and “# I like it”, and a ballad song “Night wind work” etc. Show off. After singing 20 songs and short of breath, he said, “Murakami [originally] is famous for festivals. When we heard that we could have a solo concert, we decided that there was only a festival!

Looking back on his first solo concert, "I was very nervous. I was struggling with how to do things in this group. There was something fun ahead. One year I noticed that. When I came back to Niigata, everyone was still playing around. I had time to relax and I was happy with NGT48. "

In addition, as a 20-year-old goal, "I want to work more and more in Murakami City. A place with specialty products, history, and emotion. I want to contribute to Murakami City and appeal to Niigata. I want to walk. "

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