NGT Oguma “Power is amazing” Tominaga et al.

The members of NGT48 made the venue exciting. Nichiyo Honma [20], Mimimi Oguma [16], Yuminari Tominaga [17], Sora Komiyama [15], Hime Moromobashi [16] started at the talk show before the match, and cheered just before the start Live from practice to halftime. In the second half, cheering was sent from the auditorium.

Honma made a voice before the game saying, "I want to support you so that I can lead to victory." Morohashi, who had experience watching games in Niigata when he was young, and Kouma, a sports enthusiast, said, “Albi's basketball has a great impression.” Komiyama said, “I ’m looking forward to seeing it at the venue, so I ’m looking forward to it.” Tominaga, a native of Nagaoka City, said, “I want to contribute to Nagaoka City as much as I can with Albi.” Members will also appear in Section 11 Toyama [11th, Aore Nagaoka].

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