NHK Corona infection spread prevention measures Continue until May 31st

NHK announced on the 27th that it will continue until May 31 based on the current infection status regarding various measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections such as event cancellation.

Measures to be continued include "Cancellation of public programs scheduled to be held all over the country in principle", "In principle, events held at NHK facilities will be suspended or postponed, including public halls", "Studio parks, broadcasting museums, etc. will be completely closed".

In addition, the “contact center”, which serves as a window for viewers, will be reduced in size to support business continuity and information provision. The NHK station will continue to promote infection prevention measures such as staggered work, more active use of telecommuting, checking body temperature when entering the building, conducting web conferences, and quitting unnecessary and urgent business trips.

After June, the policy is to make a judgment based on the infection status, the response of the government / local government, and the views of experts.

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