NHK "I found Eno" morning Dora Matsushita Kohei warmed for 4 years

Actor and singer / songwriter Kohei Matsushita [32], who plays the role of Soyoda Hachiro in the NHK TV series “Scarlet” [Monday to Saturday at 8:00 am], will be held in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture on the 14th. Attended the talk event of the drama.

Approximately 600 people participate in the event. Production director Yuki Uchida was also present, and revealed that Matsushita had a “four-year gap”.

“You have found yeah!”. Mr. Uchida called on Matsushita fans who were packing up at the venue. Eiko Toda [31] is a heroine / Kimiko lover. Female fans are rapidly increasing in their simple yet hot performances. The 31-year-old who was active mainly on the stage has been almost unnamed.

Mr. Uchida said, “At first, it was too fresh when I asked, and it seemed like I was okay or not okay. The number of turns increased and I received a really warm voice. Speaking and continuing to talk about the “four-year gap”.

"About four years ago, I went to see a stage where an actor appeared. Matsushita-san was playing one of the main roles on the stage. There was a good young man. I had been warming up for four years.

He was able to talk with the heroine Toda who has an abundant career as an actress on an equal footing, and was looking for an actor of the same age with freshness. “What did he do four years ago? I want to see him again.”

Matsushita, who has been auditioned several times in the morning and has not been able to produce results, said to himself. “I want to re-challenge by becoming an actor who can make a good play by putting great effort on the stage.”

10 years from the first stage at the age of 22. A strong thought and coincidence overlapped and made a debut in the morning.

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