NHK Koze Takase announces hot passion for "azure sky"

Kozo Takase announcer [44], who is in charge of the main caster of NHK morning news program "Good Morning Japan", shared his thoughts on Waseda University's support song "Azure no Sora".

Anna Takase mentioned "Azure no Sora", which is the theme of the serial TV novel "Ale", in the "Asa Dora" broadcast on the 22nd. "Azure sky, I sang too much when I was a student, I had so many memories, I didn't know how to comment for the past week, but in a nutshell," Thank you very much, ". "I really like" young blood, "" says Keio University's support, saying his thoughts to Takashi Tanaka [Takahiro Miura], the leader of the Waseda University support team who asked Yuichi [Masataka Kubota] to compose the song. I also confessed about the song.

The other day, Yurie Omi of "Asaichi" announces the past that she belonged to the Waseda support club and became a hot topic.

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