NHK Maeda, Shinji next president, wife “can't stop”

Mizuho Financial Group Honorary Counselor Masanobu Maeda [74], elected NHK's next president, held a conference at the same station in Tokyo on the 10th. It is scheduled to take office on January 25 next year and is popular for 3 years. Chairman Ryoichi Ueda [70] will expire on January 24 next year.

Mr. Maeda explains how NHK should be, “Because it is a public broadcast, we will continue to make high-quality programs trusted by the public.” He said that the most important thing in management is “to produce a solid result”.

At the beginning of the interview, he announced that he was chosen as the next president, “It was a sudden story, so when I first came home and told Mr. Kami, I said,“ Do n’t do that. ” As for his wife, when he explained the family structure, he introduced “Terrible Kami and two people”. When I was chased by the media in the past, my wife got angry and said, “The same thing happened yesterday. Please understand the situation.” Also, NHK's favorite program was evaluated as “Science program.

In the future, management issues such as “always simultaneous distribution” that broadcasts TV programs on the Internet at the same time as broadcasting “Suddenly, my mind has not been organized. I just stopped talking. The question of how to make use of the banking experience at NHK was “Broadcasting and financial institutions are completely different.

Mr. Maeda said, “It's my principle to do everything if nominated, but I do n’t say I do n’t want to do it.” “I didn't consult with Mr. Kami,” he said.

In addition, the distance to the administration was "fair neutrality. I don't feel like being in any other administration. But it is obvious that the administration has power. The distance should be kept right."

Next year will be the Tokyo Olympics. There was also the case of Defendant Erika Sawajiri who was a performer in the Taiga drama “Kagigaru” next year. Maeda said, “The Tokyo Olympics should be done in a good shape. The Taiga drama is only known in the press.”

After graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 1968, Maeda joined the Fuji Bank. In 2003, he served as the president of Mizuho Financial Group, and in 2009 served as chairman. The name on the right is independent self-esteem. Next January will be 75 years old. Mr. Maeda said, “I think it's the year. There are also regular interviews. If you think something is wrong, please write an article to quit immediately. I'll quit right away. Laughed the press.

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