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Actor and singer / songwriter Kohei Matsushita [32], who plays the role of Soyoda Hachiro in the NHK TV series “Scarlet” [Monday to Saturday at 8:00 am], will be held in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture on the 13th. Attended the talk event of the drama. About 550 people participated in the event.

When Matsushita, the lover of Kimiko, the heroine that Erika Toda [31] appears as a lover, a big cheer came from female fans. “Every morning, I ’m very encouraged by the viewers who watch me warmly.

Seriously, but there are a lot of female fans in Matsushita who perform a great young man, Hachiro, who has some mysteries. Twitter's hashtag is “#Hachiranuma”, and fans who are addicted to the charm tweet every day. “Marsh” is a state where you are addicted to hobbies. Reproducing the line “Rosehen! I will stay away!” In the play right before Matsushita hugged Kimiko on the stage, the female fans shouted “Wow ~” and became “Hachiro Marsh”.

The first shooting episode was also shown. Matsushita appeared as a young employee of Marukuma Ceramics from the 8th week. “On the first day of shooting, I was nervous that I was in the Dora site this morning. Toda-san was watching this scene on the monitor.

When Yuki Uchida, the production director, saw Toda when he saw the scene on the first day of the filming, “Smile is really refreshing,” Matsushita was surprised, “Eh! "It was finally a thin face," he said.

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