NHK Taiga “Idaten” 6.9%, 6% for 6 consecutive weeks

The 46th episode of the NHK Taiga drama "Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic Samurai" [8pm on Sunday] was broadcast on the 8th, and the average audience rating in the Kanto area was 6.9% on the 9th. It was understood by investigation. Although it increased 0.8 points from the previous 45th 6.1%, it was in the 6% range for 6 consecutive weeks.

The 46th meeting was in 1964, and the state of preparations for a torch relay was drawn. Iwata [Matsuzaka Tori], as the final runner, proposes a youth born in Hiroshima on the day of the atomic bombing [Inouwaki Umi], but is opposed by the organizing committee that makes it easy for the government. There was a background that the government was afraid to stimulate American feelings towards Japan.

In addition to the sluggish audience rating, the Tokyo National Tax Bureau pointed out that the omission of 138 million yen was omitted from the 41st edition, and a tutorial by Yoshimi Tokui, who announced her self-restraint of performing arts for the time being, appeared. All the recordings ended in October, but NHK said that "[Tokui's appearance scene will be broadcast while re-editing while taking into consideration]", etc., and it is being chased for re-editing etc.

Prior to the broadcast of “IDATEN”, the lowest record of the average audience rating of the Taiga drama [Kanto area] was 7.3% of “Kiyomori Taira” broadcasted on November 18, 2012. "Ten" recorded 7.1% in the 16th April 28th broadcast, 6.7% in the 22nd June 9th broadcast, and 5.9% in the 30th August 11th broadcast The worst record was updated 5 times, with 5.0% in the 32nd of August 25th and 3.7% in the 39th of October 13th.

◆ Change in audience rating so far

1st in Kanto area 15.5% [Kansai area 12.9%]

The second is 12.0% [Kansai 11.5%]

The third is 13.2% [Kansai area 11.6%]

The fourth is 11.6% [Kansai area 12.0%]

5th: 10.2% [Kansai area: 11.7%]

6th 9-9% [Kansai area 8.0%]

The seventh is 9.5% [8.6% of Kansai area]

The eighth is 9.3% [Kansai area 7.7%]

9th 9% [Kansai area 8.3%]

The 10th is 8.7% [8.6% of Kansai area]

The 11th meeting was 8.7% [8.9% in Kansai area]

The 12th is 9.3% [8.3% in Kansai area]

The 13th is 8.5% [Kansai area 7.7%]

The 14th is 9.6% [Kansai area 7.4%]

15th is 8.7% [8.4% of Kansai area]

The 16th is 7.1% [Kansai area 8.0%]

The 17th meeting was 7.7% [Kansai area 8.6%]

The 18th is 8.7% [Kansai area 7.2%]

The 19th is 8.7% [6.6% of Kansai area]

The 20th is 8.6% [Kansai area 7.2%]

The 21st is 8.5% [6.9% of Kansai area]

The 22nd is 6.7% [Kansai area 6.0%]

The 23rd meeting was 6.9% [Kansai area 7.5%]

24th is 7.8% [Kansai area 7.5%]

25th is 8.6% [Kansai area 8.0]

The 26th meeting was 7.9% [Kansai district 6.5%]

27th is 7.6% [Kansai area 7.0%]

28th 7.8% [Kansai area 5.1%]

29th is 7.8% [Kansai area 5.5%]

30th is 5.9% [Kansai area 5.2%]

The 31st is 7.2% [5-9% in Kansai area]

32nd is 5.0% [4-9% in Kansai area]

The 33rd is 6.6% [Kansai area 4.8%]

34th is 9.0% [Kansai area 5.5%]

The 35th is 6.9% [5.3% of Kansai area]

The 36th is 7.0% [Kansai area 6.2%]

37th is 5.7% [Kansai area 4.1%]

The 38th is 6.2% [4.5% of Kansai area]

The 39th meeting was 3.7% [Kansai area 4.1%]

The 40th is 7.0% [Kansai area 6.2%]

The 41st is 6.6% [Kansai area 5.3%]

The 42nd is 6.3% [4-8% in Kansai area]

The 43rd is 6.1% [5-6% in Kansai area]

The 44th is 6.1% [4-7% in Kansai area]

The 45th is 6.1% [3.3% in Kansai area]

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