NHK Taiga "Kirin ga Kuru" 5 episodes 13.2% down right shoulder

The fifth episode of the NHK taiga drama "Kirin ga Kuru" [Sunday 8:00 pm] was broadcast on the 16th, and the average audience rating in the Kanto area was 13.2% [15.7% in the Kansai area] on the 17th. , Video research found. Down 0.3 points from 13.5% of the previous 4th. On the other hand, the same number, which was broadcast on BS Premium from 6:00 pm on the same day, was 4.5%, the highest in the same work.

The first time I started with a high rating of 19.1%, but I was worried that the number gradually decreased with each repetition. However, at the NHK regular broadcaster's press conference on the 13th, Yuki Kida, director general of the broadcast, was confident that "I have no worries at all." He added, "Real time has dropped a little, but BS premium and time shift figures are stable at high places. It is seen by a wide range of people."

There are two TV programs, "Potsun and Ikenya", which record high audience ratings every time, and Nippon Television, "Itte Q to the end of the world!" The Taiga drama will be broadcast on Sunday at 6:00 pm on BS Premium prior to terrestrial broadcasting. The first-time average rating for BS Premium Kirin ga Kuru was 3.3%, the second was 3.9%, the third was 3.6%, and the fourth was 4.0%. In the 5th edition, the work recorded the highest of 4.5%.

Taiga drama fans may have come to the habit of watching on BS Premium.

▼ Average audience rating in the Kanto region to date

The first time was 19.1% [Kansai area 19.3%]

The second was 17.9% [Kansai area 17.4%]

The third was 16.1% [Kansai area 14.0%]

4th 13.5% [Kansai area 13.7%]

The fifth was 13.2% [Kansai area 15.7%]

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