Nidec,20 years 4~6 on a year-on-year revenue increase cost reduction measures are Gong to a first embodiment of the present invention

■Sales is 6. 6%, the net profit is about 6 times

Nidec Corporation[6594]is 7 months 21 days cause only after 21 in the first quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, cumulative[20 years 4 months~6 months・IFRS]the consolidated financial statements presented. Net sales increased 6. 6%, a decrease of 3,369 billion yen, and Corona heart was affected,operating income 1. 7%, an increase of 2,811 million yen and an increase in the land. 4 net cash is the 517. 7 percent to 203 billion yen,year on year to 33 billion yen from the significant improvement was.

【Here】Nitori HD,3~5 on a year-on-year operating income up 22% Corona ominous e-Commerce sales growth

Operating income operating income ratio year on year by 0. 6 points of improvement 8. 3%, the corona and the ominous in the suffering manufacturing industry, and a lot more good results left. Progress Rate Net Sales 22%, and operating income of 22%,Net Profit of 20% and full-year forecasts from slightly behind that pattern.

■Overseas plant shutdown to cost improvements from that

Motor industry of Nidec, the new corona virus affected the manufacturing sector of the 1 company in. More than 40 countries around the world on the bases, and Corona ominous in overseas factories were forced to cease operations. In particular Corona has spread American plant is shutdown for Automotive Parts Sales of the same period last year almost halved and was.

On the other hand,operating income in terms of sales despite the decline in sales and profitability, to ensure the management system can. Nidec has set forth the medium-term strategic objectives,”Vision2020″is targeting consolidated net sales of ¥ 2 trillion yen and the consolidated operating income margin of 15% or more of the goals, and”profitable growth of an insatiable pursuit for”cost-cutting measures that are running.

To reduce costs even though the employee was wearing cut strategy, the company in-house and supply chain review, and other employee coming up from the cost reduction proposal and actively tackled. “Operating income of 28.1 billion yen in 100 million yen employees from coming up with suggestions for improvements, including structural reforms by the earning of”and 永守重信 Chairman of the financial results announced in the telling.

■Corona after the 5 of the billows ride,the full-year performance to achieve the goals of the so

At the beginning of the term to 21 years and 3 months we have made further upward revisions to our recent estimates for consolidated business performance, net sales were up 2. 3% decrease of 1 trillion 5,000 billion, and operating income up 14. 6%, an increase of 1,250 billion yen, and net income is the 70% increase of 1,000 billion, and the sales profit forecast. The initial point is still Corona’s influence is immeasurable earnings forecasts are not published by many companies, there was a medium, Nidec structural reforms by an increase trend that we had expected.

Nagamori Chairman led the company-wide efforts resulting in an increase trend and keeping the factors would be. The earnings announcement, the future of flow as”Corona after the new”the 5 wave””entitled,”5G&thermal solutions of wave”,”decarbonisation of the waves”,”saving wave”,”digital data explosion waves”,”power saving and Corona after wave”, but that comes expected. Neither Nidec to make motors for which the product is used is expected to continue to grow can be expected that the business environment would be. [Article: 拓蔵・The article list to look at]

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