Nihon University American football club manager Uchida was dismissed and retired from university

Former lawsuit of Masato Uchida [64] of the Nihon University American Football Club, who was dismissed from the university for directing a foul offense, received a recommendation from the Tokyo District Court by November 11 regarding a lawsuit seeking invalidation of dismissal. Announced that it was settled.

Withdrawal from disciplinary dismissal, former director will leave the university. Settlement date is 6. A player from the Nihon University American Football Club injured his opponent by doing a dangerous tackle in a regular game with Sekigaku University in May 2018. Nihon University's third-party committee found that Maeda Uchida and the former coach had instructed them, and the two were dismissed from disciplinary action. Former Uchida filed a lawsuit in October 2018 seeking invalidation of the dismissal and payment of unpaid wages, and Nihon University showed a position to fight in the first oral argument in November of the same year.

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