Nihon University and Nagoya University,the galaxies of the radio fingerprint to conduct molecular catalog of galaxies to identify the type

Individuals can be used to identify a fingerprint to a human one, like the galaxy is also a radio fingerprint authentication type determines the possible. National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 12 days, with 3 From galaxy was emitted radio waves from molecules of the catalog is created and published. The molecular catalog by a specific galaxy to identify possible.

【Here】The Galaxy Young is in form from the galaxy, the evolution of dogma to disprove Ehime University, such as research

■Light 2 types of galaxies

We live in the Milky Way galaxy than the universe thousands of million of galaxies are believed to exist. Among them, a strong electromagnetic wave radiating Shine bright galaxies are present. Black Hole sources on a large energy release”active galactic nuclei”with the Galaxy and,in a short time a large amount of massive star birth”starburst galaxy”is only 2.

2 one of the galaxies that occur in physical phenomena are quite different, the evolution of galaxies and the relevance may be. However, the galactic center region so as to cover the gas and dust of the interstellar medium by visible light in the interior to prospect for,remains a mystery much.

■Radio waves in the galaxy of features to extract

These galaxies inside of what is happening in and to explore, Nihon University, Nagoya University and other researchers from the group of,2 types of galaxies observed. Active galactic nuclei some galaxies as”NGC 1068″,starburst galaxies as”NGC 253 IC 342″a total of 3 pieces of spiral galaxies is the observation target was chosen.

Observations were carried out at the Astronomical Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory, operated by the radio telescope only. “Millimeter wave”called radio waves can be observed at the 45 meter radio telescope, the world’s largest one. The telescope is the Galaxy Core in the vicinity of present molecules in the gas give off radio waves observable,what is happening is judgment possible.

The research group is the observation of the result, high spatial resolution molecular spectral line observations of successful. A hydrogen atom spectral lines and hydrogen cyanide or its isotopes, such as multiple molecular spectral lines observed with. Molecular spectral lines, galactic core region of temperature and density, etc. of the physical state, as well as gas chemical composition, such as to explore on the basic data to.

This time, the active galactic nuclei with NGC 1068 from the centre of the methyl acetylene was not detected. Active galactic nuclei most galaxies is a black hole by large scale energy radiation, complex molecules and destroy on the other hand, starburst galaxies in the star of the generation, accompanied by chemical reactions in more complex molecules are generated, the research group is to guess. We observed several molecules of each type of galaxies of the physical state and the closely related thought of the Galaxy classification to help with.

The results of research, The Astronomical Society of Japan a Western Journal was published in. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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