Nihon University-Seki Gaku University since American football danger tackle flows

The Kansai Student American Football Federation announced on July 7 that all matches in the spring season will be canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. In response, Seki Gakuen also announced that it would cancel regular war with Nihon University for the first time in two years on May 30. In 2018, the regular tackle caused a problem of malicious tackle at Nihon University, and he had been discontinued since then.

Seki Gakudai stated, “At the end of last year [from the Nihon University side] there was a request for the resumption of regular competitions. The two universities have reached a formal agreement on March 20. Later, however, the spread of the new coronavirus did not stop, and some prefectures finally issued emergency declarations.

From these facts, "There was a situation of coronavirus, and both sides had been discussing with each other about the timing of publication. Due to the announcement of today's federation, all games this spring have been canceled, so regular games will not be held ", He said.

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