Niigata BB Futatsu "Will rehabilitate the body" complete swear vow

Niigata BB Rabbid's rookie commander, G. Kotone Futado [23, Kotobune] has made a complete comeback from injury and has the theme of this season to play an active part in the W league.

In November of the third year of Shundai, the cruciate ligament in front of the left knee was torn. I finished college basketball while dragging the influence of injury. I'm not worried about speedy movements now. "While rehabilitating, I build my body." Futatsu devotes himself to practice and at the same time pays attention to care. Until the start of the whole day's practice, he continued voluntary training with a moderate load on his left knee. From now on, I will incorporate the rehabilitation menu while asking the instructions of the medical staff.

"I want to be a player who can change the flow." A type that creates a rhythm with a characteristic drive. In order to practice that image, the anxiety factor must be eliminated. The injury incurred in the fall of the third year of university was a total of 8 months. He returned in the summer of 4th year, but also played the role of captain, so he played while covering the affected area. Prioritized the team over the recovery of injuries.

There is no chance of showing in the W League. Keeping yourself in order will contribute to the team. Director Kazuo Otaki [74] also said that it is important for each to play a role. "I want to take on challenges". We will pave the way with vigorous aspirations.

◆Kotone Futari was born on June 8th, 1997. Born in Gunma prefecture. Kasake Elementary school begins basketball in a year. Women's U-15 top endeavor was elected in Fujinami 3rd year. At Meisei Gakuen, Nishi Tarumi Mio and her teammate who joined in the same group are the best 4 high school students in Japan for 3 years. Incarre of 4th grade advanced to the 2nd round. 163 cm, 60 kg. Uniform number 6.

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