Niigata Prefectural High School Basketball Championship "Support online" Paid distribution

The Niigata Prefectural Basketball Association held a prefectural championship briefing press conference on the Niigata City Media Ship on the 20th. It was clarified that all 87 games in the first round of high school team will be distributed via internet via pay.

Online distribution is part of "Whispo Live" operated by Whistle Sports. A system where you can receive and receive 500 yen [excluding tax] by reading the dedicated QR code with a smartphone or accessing the URL [] and registering. In addition to live distribution on 23 to 25 with a single charge, you can repeatedly watch it until August 22 the day before the second round [scheduled to be held on August 23, 29, 30]. All games will be paid for the second round as well.

This tournament is held with no audience. Takayuki Osawa, Vice Chairman of the Prefectural Association [66], "I can't watch the event at the venue, so I would like parents to support me online." Last year, we also delivered several Winter Cup qualifying games. "It was well received in the field because it was useful for analysis. Therefore, we decided to implement this tournament. I would like to continue doing it regardless of whether there is an audience or not."

Whistle Sports President Katsuhiro Takizawa [55] said, "By delivering from the first round, I would like to support the children who have been working hard for the past year, especially the third graders,". He also said, "We will donate a portion of the proceeds from the billing to the prefecture association."

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