Niigata's second consecutive 5th loss, 3rd place missed 5th place retreat

Niigata Albirex BB had the second consecutive loss of the season. The fourth quarter [Q], which was led by 55-56, was supposed to have a reversal offensive, but was gradually pulled away by Toyama.

Niigata entered a tunnel of consecutive defeats where the exit was not visible. I competed from the beginning, but I couldn't win. In the 4th Q, Toyama's shooting accuracy exceeded the beginning. By the time of the official timeout of 4 minutes and 29 seconds, 62-69 and behind were expanded to 7 points. The turnover of this match is 19. In the 4th Q alone, I refused the flow of pursuing 6 with my own mistake.

All five consecutive losses are home. The previous section of the game against Yokohama [7th and 8th], and this match with Toyama were all in the middle district. Toyama had 5 stars and 13 losses before the match. If he wins, Toyama was replaced with a chance to rise to third place, but on the other hand, he moved back to fifth place. Last season, who won the middle district, won 45 wins and 15 losses. This season is 5 wins and 14 losses. The losing numbers approached last season, and the ranking was far away.

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