Nike's “New Atsoko” debuts at Tokyo Marathon

Enliven the stagnant mood in Japan with a hot run. A Tokyo Marathon [cannon on the 1st of next month] competition for the Tokyo Olympics [Marathon] marathon quota was held in Tokyo on the 28th. Leading candidates attended, including Joshi Osako [28 = Nike], who holds a Japanese record, Yuta Shitara [28 = Honda], a former Japanese record holder, and Daihito Inoue [27 = MHPS], who has a 2 hour, 6 minute, 54 second record. .

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At this tournament, it is highly possible that Nike's "new platform shoes" will debut. Osako, Shitara Yu and Inoue have already been given a new work with a shoe sole of 3.95 cm, and all of them have been able to check the feel through practice. All three have a good record with the conventional model, but there is plenty of potential to switch to a new “equipment”. When asked about "the current situation where shoes are attracting attention," Osako said, "This interview is about the Tokyo Marathon, isn't it? You didn't have to answer anything other than the Tokyo Marathon. I think it is a feeling].

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