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Nikola Motor announces pickup truck with hydrogen fuel cell-Engadget Japan

Nikola MotorHeadquartered in Arizona, USANikola MotorHas released images and specifications of a new electric pickup truck named "Badger". If you know the name of Nikola Tesla, an electrician and inventor, you may be confused with the name of an already established electric car maker, but this is Nikola, not Tesla.

And unexpectedly (?)Tesla recently announced the Cyberruck electric pickup truckHowever, Nikola's Badger can run on electricity from a hydrogen fuel cell as well as a battery charged from an external power source.

Nikola Motor

The cruising range using only electricity stored in a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 160 kWh is 300 miles (approximately 483 km). If a fuel cell that generates 120 kWh of electricity is also used, the cruising range doubles to 600 miles (about 966 km). The output of the motor that drives the four wheels continuously generates 455hp (about 461ps) and instantaneously generates 906hp (about 919ps), and the maximum torque reaches 1329Nm (135.2kgm).

The 0-60 mph (about 96.6 km / h) acceleration has been announced at 2.9 seconds, which is exactly the same as Tesla Cybertruck. However, the traction capacity that is important for the performance of the pickup truck is 8,000 pounds (about 3629 kg), which is less than 14,000 pounds (6350 kg) of Tesla Cybertruck with three motors.

It is five-seater, 5900mm long × 2160mm wide × 1850mm high. Although the width of the carrier is 1560 mm, surprisingly detailed specifications have been announced, but at this time only CG images have been released. The actual vehicle will be shown at an event titled "Nikola World" in September 2020.

Nikola Motor

The difference from Tesla may be more impressive than a fuel cell. While Tesla's Cybertruck is a novel design that combines stainless steel plates in a straight line, Nicola's Badger is not much different from a traditional pickup truck. Nikola's CEO Trevor Milton, who has also accused Tesla of having plagiarized the truck design, thought that he was feeling regrettable, but apparently there seems to be a reason for this .

Nikola Motor

Nikola recently announced a partnership with Italian truck maker Iveco to produce a hydrogen fuel cell truck “ Nikola TRE '' at its plant in Iveco, Germany, based on its new S-Way truck. Just done. It seems that the appearance of the Badger is that of a typical pickup truck, because it is going to be commercialized on the basis of an existing pickup truck also manufactured by some car manufacturer. Nikola says Badger "will be produced with other OEMs using their certified parts and manufacturing equipment."

Nikola Motor

Nikola MotorEngadget also tellsAs mentioned above, the hydrogen fuel cell powered trucks "Nikola ONE" and "Nikola TWO" were announced in 2016. At the same time, they announced plans to install hydrogen stations throughout the United States.

However, no hydrogen station has yet been opened, and none of the trucks announced so far have started running on public roads. (Nicola TRE, whose concrete production plan was finally announced, Will be out in 2023). From that background, it seems that many people still notice their eyebrows even if they show a new pickup truck CG.

Nikola Motor

Furthermore, Tesla is not the only rival that is planning to launch an electric pickup truck soon. GMNotice of launch of 1000 hp EV from Hummer brand.Ford plans to electrify its best-selling F-150doing. Emerging manufacturers such as Rivian and Bollinger are steadily preparing for mass production. On the other hand, in order for Nikola's hydrogen fuel cell to take advantage, hydrogen stations must first become popular.

In any case, the September event will likely reveal some more specific plans. Let's watch interestingly in many ways.

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