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Nikon “Z 50” release date determined, APS-C mirrorless with small size, light weight and low price

Nikon Corporation announced that it has decided to release the first APS-C mirrorless Nikon Z mount machine “Z 50” on November 22nd. This model is a compact and lightweight mirrorless equipped with an APS-C type CMOS sensor with an effective 20.88 million pixels.

  • Nikon Z mount APS-C mirrorless “Z 50” released on November 22

The actual selling price of the Z 50 is around 120,000 yen including tax for the body model, around 140,000 yen including tax for the 16-50 VR lens kit, and around 170,000 yen including tax for the double zoom kit. Cash back up to 20,000 yenZ 50 launch commemoration cashback campaignWill be implemented until January 14, 2020, and the body model will be cashed back 10,000 yen, the 16-50 VR lens kit will be 15,000 yen, and the double zoom kit will be cashed back 20,000 yen.

First impression with live-action image by Norihiro Ochiai photographerNikon “Z 50” Bulletin Review"The finish is less inferior compared to the full-size Z 6 and Z 7," and "The two types of DX lenses prepared as kit lenses look amazing enough."

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