Nintendo delivers "Jump Rope Challenge" for Switch that allows you to do a jump rope exercise at home

Nintendo is a download-only software for Nintendo Switch on June 16Jump rope challengeHas begun to be delivered. It is available for free download for a limited time until September 30th.

 This is an exercise tool that you can do at home. With Joy-Con in both hands, you can jump around at your own pace while turning your hands like a jump rope. If you play in the middle of the night, or if you are worried about vibration to the lower floors in an apartment, etc., it will be counted even by bending and stretching exercises and turning your arms without jumping, leading to exercise. The initial goal setting is 100 times a day, but if you feel that you are not satisfied, you can increase the target times. Each player has a Joy-Con, and two people can play it. Two people can cooperate and try 100 times.

 The company hopes that it will help alleviate the lack of exercise during the Stay at Home period, and developed it in a short time by utilizing Unity while working from home. We would like you to try it as an easy exercise between lack of exercise and remote work.

[C] 2020 Nintendo

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