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Nintendo Switch becomes the breakthrough for murder investigation. Online criminal tracking-Engadget Japan

On November 20 (local time), Professor Matthew Weiser of the University of South Alabama was invaded into his home, shot by someone, and stolen the Nintendo Switch. Immediately after the crime, there were no suspects or arrests, and his neighbor had testified that he was a "good person" because he was unrelated. In other words, there was no personal relationship frustration or jealousy, and it was not possible to narrow down the criminal from there.
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The stolen switch was the key to guide the investigation. The police investigated the online connection status of the switch, followed the robbery murderer, and found one defendant, Tykes Timmons.

This was followed by a bail hearing, and the district attorney said that Timmons drove the car, dropped accomplice Derrick Scott in front of Weiser's home and shot the gun. And the defendants said they chose Weiser randomly. Both defendants were charged with serious murder.

The prosecutor said that the victim could have been "everyone", that is, that he was an indiscriminate murder, and the bail proposed $ 300,000 higher than the local standards. It is reported that the judges set $ 150,000 for each defendant because neither of them ended up with adulthood (both 20 years old) since they both became adults.

In response to these decisions, the two defendants claim that they are not students at the University of South Alabama and have nothing to do with the professor, “I don't know what the evidence is”. In other words, the switch that was stolen and connected online became the only point of contact between the defendant and the victim.

This is an extremely painful case for a game console, but if the victim's switch prevents the incident from entering the labyrinth, it may be at least saved.

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