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“ Nintendo Switch Collectable Animal Set '' March 7 Pre-order Starts, Introducing How to Reserve Bic Camera and Geo Stores-Engadget Japan Version

"Nintendo Switch Gather Animal Crossing Set" reservation will start on March 7th. "Nintendo Switch Collectable Animal Crossing Set" is a product that includes a specially designed Nintendo Switch body and dock, a special color joycon, and installed digital version software. The release date is March 20, the same day as the software alone, and the price is 39,556 yen (tax included).

It has been announced on March 2 that reservations at Nintendo's official "My Nintendo Store" will be discontinued to prioritize shipments to retailers nationwide. However, we are planning to handle “Azumare Animal Crossing” -related products as planned, including the Nintendo Switch Dock, Joy-Con (L) / (R) with a specially designed body set, and a separate box for makeup boxes.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch Collectable Animal Crossing Set is not limited in quantity, but will be produced and shipped continuously after the first shipment, so it seems unlikely that you will need to rush to purchase it. However, those who want to buy and play at the same time as the release will have to win the competition at mass retailers.

Therefore, this article will introduce how to make reservations at major retailers. At some stores, we conduct a web-based reservation lottery to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and prevent resale. Please check each website for detailed reservation information.

■ Nintendo TOKYO
Nintendo's official store "Nintendo TOKYO" accepts lottery reservations only on the web. It is a method to select the date of receipt and make a reservation. The pick-up period is from the specified pick-up date to within April 5 business hours.

Lottery acceptance period
March 7 9:00-March 11 23:59

Announcement of winning results
March 14-March 16

Reservation site URL (Nintendo TOKYO)

There is no sales on a first-come-first-served basis and no reservations are accepted at stores. Reservations can only be made online. Products will be shipped to the winners on March 20.

Lottery acceptance period
March 7 9:00-March 9 23:59

Announcement of winning results
March 12

Reservation site URL (

■ Yamada Denki (Best Electronics Store, Tsukumo Store)
This is a method in which lottery sales are accepted on the website, and the winner goes to the designated receiving store to make a purchase. Lottery will be held regardless of the receiving store, so let's specify a store that is easy to receive. The best electronics store and Tsukumo store of the group store can be designated as the receiving store.

Lottery acceptance period
March 7 10:00-March 8 23:59
Announcement of winning results
March 16

Reservation site URL (Yamada Denki)

■ Geo
We do not accept reservations at stores and the Geo Online Store, we will sell lottery with the Geo App.

Lottery acceptance period
March 7 11:00-March 11 17:59

Reservation site URL (Geo @ app)

■ HMV & BOOKS online
Scheduled for lottery sales at the online site. A detailed overview will be updated on the booking start date. Member registration is required to apply.

Lottery acceptance period
March 7

Reservation site URL (HMV & BOOKS online)

■ Lawson
In-store terminal "Loppi" will start accepting reservations from 10:00 on March 7. Loppi reservation reception is not a lottery sale. Due to limited quantity, it will end as soon as it is gone.

Reception period
March 7 10:00-March 14 23:30

Loppi Product Number

Detailed sales information URL (HMV & BOOKS online)

■ Joshin web shop
Lottery sales will be conducted on the website.

Lottery acceptance period
March 7 11: 00-

Reservation site URL (Joshin web shop)

■ Toys R Us
We carry out lottery reservation at store. The lottery tickets will be distributed to the applicants, the winning results will be announced on the same day and the reservation will be made. Whether a lottery is held, the reservation reception hours, and the number of winners vary depending on the store. You can check the reservation information of each store from "List of stores" from the list of national store sites below.

Lottery reception
March 7

List of stores nationwide (Toysalus)

As supplementary information, it is undecided if we will contact Yodobashi Camera about pre-order sales of "Nintendo Switch Atsushi Animal Crossing Set" at a major electronics retailer, and it will not be implemented. (As of 17:30 on March 6)

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