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Nintendo Switch exclusive grip “ 5in1 gripper '' that can store Switch game cards and realize comfortable operation

Sanko released the game card storage grip "5in1 gripper" for Nintendo Switch on February 19, 2020. The price is 1,680 yen [tax included].

■ Grip of exclusive design that it is easy to hold and is hard to slip

The "5in1 gripper" is a Switch-specific grip that can store Nintendo Switch game cards. Comfortable operation is possible by grasping the swelled part from side to side. The body is uneven and slippery, preventing accidental drops.

This grip can be used as a stand, so it can be set up. The cable can be plugged and unplugged and charged even when attached.

In terms of design, heat dissipation was secured by designing the exhaust port to be unobstructed. The upper back can hold up to five Nintendo Switch game cards. There is no need to carry a card case separately from the main unit, and it is convenient to swap cards immediately and play.

Nintendo Switch card storage grip "5in1 gripper" body

■ Main specifications of "5in1 gripper"
Size: height 150 x width 270 x thickness 45 [mm] Weight: about 81g
Soft storage capacity: 5
Accessories: body, Japanese manual
Package size: Width 110 * height 295 * depth 56 [mm] Package weight: about 90g
Warranty period: 6 months from date of purchase

5in1 gripper product page

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