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"Nintendo Switch" Joy-Con analog stick moves on its own !? Explanation of correction method-Engadget Japan Version

In this article, we will introduce how to correct the problems of "Joy-Con" and "Nintendo Switch Pro Controller" of "Nintendo Switch". The controller can be corrected by "Setting" and "Controller and sensor". Select "Stick Correction" and press the stick you want to correct.

▲ If there is a problem with the stick, the point will become ● even though you are not touching it, and the color of the circle will not change by turning the stick. The Joy-Con of "Nintendo Switch" purchased at the same time as my release in 2017 turned into a ● even though I did not touch it.

If the operation is abnormal, press the X button to correct it.

▲ Follow the instructions.

▲ When the correction was completed, the point became + and the condition was normal. After calibration, unstable operations no longer occur during gameplay.

In "Controllers and sensors", you can also correct the gyro sensor of the controller and the sensitivity of the touch screen.

Hardware problems can be repaired at Nintendo. The Joy-Con can be repaired or replaced for 2200 yen [one side], and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller can be purchased for 2750-4290 yen.


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