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Nintendo wins Switch and Joy-Con patent dispute. Settle for two and a half years-Engadget Japan

Nintendo has won a patent dispute with US mobile device accessory company GameVice. For about two and a half yearsLitigation over Nintendo Switch and Joy-ConIs a paragraph. According to the official website of the US Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO], the Patent Appeal Board [PTAB] has determined that GameVice's allegation of Nintendo's infringement was invalid. It is Nintendo is alleged to have provided substantial evidence that GameVice's claims were "not patentable."

The patent dispute dates back to August 2017, when GameVice filed a lawsuit with the United States District Court for allegedly infringing Nintendo's patent.

GameVice has released two products related to “ controllers with parts attached to both sides of the electronic device '', one of which has a detachable controllerWikiPadis. The company has issued these patents“ Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section ''And sought damages and suspension of Switch based on it.

This is finallyPlaintiffs have dropped their suitSaid in March 2018 that the International Trade Commission [ITC] infringed on intellectual property rights.Called for an injunction on imports. However, the ITC did not infringe on intellectual property,The survey was completed in October last year. And the PTAB's referees are the final one.

The GameVice product looks and feels like a removable controller similar to Switch and Joy-Con. [/ embed]

However, as stated in the patent title "Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section", the GameVice controller requires a "flexible connection" that connects the left and right. In contrast, Nintendo Joy-Cons are not connected to each other and can be used separately.

Although GameVice insisted that the Switch itself was the connection part, in fact, the left and right Joy-Cons are wirelessly connected to the main body separately via Bluetooth, and are technically completely different.

Hi-tech giants seek huge reparations for unused patentsPatent trollAlthough it is accompanied, it may be hidden for a while about Switch.


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