Nishino is crying “That's the only one Aniki” Umemiya Ikuo

On the 13th, Nishikino Dan [60] faced the body of Tatsuo Umemiya, who died at the age of 81 in Tokyo, and expressed his thoughts in tears.

Nishino was co-starred with Umemiya-san in the movie “Conquest” [1982], and was deeply intimate, including participating in the “Memorial to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Ikuo Umemiya + 80th birthday and performing arts” on March 15 last year. “It was just one Aniki in the entertainment world … I was angry…” “It's been 30 years, but I really took care of it. After today ’s dialysis…

Umemiya-san said, “It was said that“ I felt like I was sleeping ”. I looked beautiful now.”

The last meeting I met was Umemiya-san's birthday party on March 15th. Eating puffers together, Mr. Umemiya said, “Hus, this may be the last.” “Why did you say that? I was n’t doing well, but that was the last time,” he said. After that, there was no opportunity to meet directly.

When I contacted Umemiya-san's mobile phone on that day, "My wife came out. You were crying. I cried … I'm sorry …".

The first thought is that it was filming a war movie in Taiwan. “'Let's go eat the genome.' Snakes. Something strange. When I came back to Japan,“ How do you feel about your cholera symptoms? ” In fact, it was only lightly tummy, but the distance between the two was shortened.

At the end, I was asked what words to send, but “I was waiting for a day.

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