Nissan・Leaf-selling Mazda・MX-30 and the Honda e are selling the back side of the IS?

“Mazda・MX-30 and the Honda e are selling”and The Voice of the part of the Japanese are not going to? The current EV is that you should be most performance is”charging”you will indeed. The cruising range of 400km, not to exceed the charging time of EV is practically not possible. The current lithium-ion batteries, the 400km in 1 charging the maximum range to get the vehicle weight is heavy too,the practicality just say so.

【Here】Mazda’s EV・MX-30, design theme”Soul motion”is the base? To the artistry for you.

Nissan Leaf range, the 40kwh battery,[WLTC mode]322km,80%charging time 40 minutes have become. 62kwh battery is 458km・60 Minutes,1 charge mileage gasoline car and can compete with the battery performance.

However, a quick charge time of 60 Minutes is most practical to you. Also, the 40kwh battery car is that the car weighs 1520kg, this is the engine in the car than 100kg degree of difference, which 1 charge a maximum range of conflicts can be 62kwh battery car, the vehicle weight 1680kg in 200kg~300kg difference, and quite heavy to say the least.

This is driving performance in handling such a considerable difference seems to be. Horsepower 150ps from 218ps to the motor output has been improved to accelerate performance, such as overall strength is rather improved as the.

Nissan Leaf price of 330 million yen to 450 million yen for the same range of engines the car and there is no comparison there is a difference. Especially in this price range, if 1 refueling at a maximum range of 600km and there are also cars,currently operating in the market does not exist and that would be reasonable.

However, in the EV development forward and raise the manufacturers, after all why would. “BEV cars are the most eco – “and other clichés user, or environmental groups exist. Especially in European countries, it is true, the pressure groups have been killed.

On the other hand, is rather simply driving emissions only eco-whether you think you know. However, EV is eco believe that your layer can have, it is reality,deal with the benefits of would.

Mazda, Honda is the European emission standard system for BEV production have expressed,the real intention is to”sell it”and so on. Still the battery costs are high,”if you build a building as deficits vehicle”that is certainly still in business and are not satisfied and should. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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