Nissan, EV technologies, the name of”e-4ORCE”and the announcement is currently under development

Nissan 7 days,under development for EV technology, the name of”e-4ORCE”and this entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. Future through the introduction of electric vehicles performance up to aim, and the 2020s will lead to the practical use of goals.

【Here】High thermal efficiency of the engine competition by Nissan and Toyota・Honda・Mazda surpass the thermal efficiency to achieve it?

e-4ORCE is the”power of”means”Electoric”the initials”e”for the first installation,the vehicle power means”Force”in four-wheel-drive”4″combination”4ORCE”and coined the synthesized words.

e-4ORCE is an electric vehicle [EV]as a target for output of the brake as the stabilization of the performance, with the aim of enhancing Nissan development. The EV of the all-wheel drive system. the system, as the driving environment to level up to aim. e-4ORCE equipped vehicles, the output and the brake to the stabilization of the control, such as the improvement of performance is desired, you’ll have the chance to do just that.

Ordinary class passenger cars in a sports car by the driving force of the demonstrate,the handling is facilitated. Drivers,controls and more,on rainy days such as Specialized / Fox remote Mini-Brain inertia-valve shock with Kashima coating and a smooth run, you’ll have the chance to do just that.

e-4ORCE is all-wheel torque to tell there is working,the front and rear of both motors with regenerative braking and a set of harness, the vibration of the vehicle body are minimized. Thus during operation of the vibration against the problem cannot be resolved, a high level of ride you can expect that.

In 2019 Nissan press for e-4ORCE equipped with car test-ride event had been held. The year dawned,on January 1, from 7 to 10 days from the US state of Nevada, in Las Vegas during”CES 2020″, the e-4ORCE equipped”Aria・concept”exhibition. Las Vegas City in e-4ORCE equipped test car of the public were also performed.

Nissan 2020 of the e-4ORCE commercialization plan last year to ride in the announcement,if the new leaf to be mounted is considered likely. The future of e-4ORCE development of the situation watching you where you want to.

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