Nissan, the new”rules”for released Light first intelligent FCW adoption

Nissan is 25, a”data file size”for the successor as the new “Luke”to 3 May 19, the national retailer announced that it would release. This is the recent corona virus situation has been a normal press conference, and the first delivery of the virtual press conference was conducted. I supply the thoughts above as General inspiration but clearly you’ll find of the model by the car’s name is”Nissan full service”and unified.

【Here】And registration of passenger cars exceeding the kei-car from Nissan, the new”video games”released

Wheel Base 2,430mm from 2,495mm to 65mm to expand the passenger compartment is large,the rear seat foot space is the previous model from about 80mm to expand 770mm and become adults, legs crossed, to sit also in the extent to which space for.

Also, Selena is adopted hands-free auto slide door also on both sides is employed. Rear door sensors under foot and sliding doors can open,attitude to change and children to take.

B-pillar before the care of the child for the purpose of seat after the long slide is employed. Passenger seat, long slide, and a lot more rear seat long slide was did not function. Parenting from the generation of requests, such as the A lot of adopted specifications and have.

■Advanced safety technologies
Millimeter-wave radar use,during traffic congestion of the distance between the key and the highway curves at the centre of the lane to maintain the operation system to process the pilot was adopted.

Also, the light car’s first intelligent FCW[forward collision prediction alarm] is adopted. 2 units of distance,the relative speed monitoring slowdown is necessary if it is determined to display a warning on the display,buzzer sounding the pileup will help you to avoid. Incidentally, the first mini car is a Mitsubishi automobile Brother car”eK crawl space”, the same function is employed.

Adaptive LED headlight system is also equipped with a left-right combination 24 LED head lamp independent control to the required area and farther to the irradiating the oncoming vehicle or the preceding vehicle impact into consideration. Nissan design was adopted sudden illness or abnormal when the call center lead to the SOS call,Highway star standard.

■Exterior theme of”sense of quality”
Front face is thick,I can’t emphasize,are approachable, Highway star is the nymph from your face and your.

The head lamp portion of the half-Chrome, even when the lighting is accent lamps[by grade]to use it as a stylish addition. Typically the grille,headlamps and bonnet between the slight gap, there is room in that part of the bonnet, which reveal the gap, and make it good……..

Color is all 17 colors available, 2 tone on Highway Star 3 color, standard is 2 colors and have.

Rear lateral Wide be aware of,Highway Star tail lamp scale chrome line set. The back door on the system shape and internal pressure of improving women and weak people opening new.

■Interior theme of”sophisticated space,””quality”and”usability”
The instrument panel from the door trim to the design. Hip point than a minivan’s right up to the point called the eye height 1,370mm, the traditional model is approximately 60mm high, the prospects that you’re better.

Auto air conditioning design was also adopted in the touch panel to set the indicator directly touching the air flow, such as intuitive operation is possible. Grade a different in the manual of the air conditioner set too.

Also, the tissue box can be put to the test slide box set. Vehicle inspection certificate case, the passenger’s feet under the tray to make the glove box in the Luggage is not such as to solve the problems for.

Engine BR06 engine and BR06 intercooler turbo engine of 2 types of adoption. Catalog fuel consumption,BR06 engine equipped vehicles,WLTC mode 20. 8 km/L[2WD models]and 18. 2 km/L [4WD car]. BR06 intercooler turbo engine-powered cars,18.8 km/L[2WD models]and 16. 4 km/L [4WD car]. JC08 mode, BR06 engine-powered car 27. 2 km/L[2WD models]and 22. 4 km/L [4WD cars], BR06 intercooler turbo engine car 22. 6 km/L[2WD models]and 21. 2 km/L [4WD car].

Grade is S, X, Highway Star X, Highway Star X pilot edition,Highway star G Turbo professional pilot editions. The price is 141 million yen 206 million yen. Also, the sporty and luxury styling features of the AUTECH at the same time to be launched. [Article: Keeper・The article list to look at]

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