Nissan's first front-wheel drive passenger car Nissan Cherry Coupe 1200 X-1 ・ R 12002

After riding this coupe X-1 · L for about four years, after passing through the Sunny 1000, I purchased the second cherry coupe, the X-1 · R. This car has been in operation for about 6 years and has plenty of enjoyment in running a lightweight body front-wheel drive vehicle.

He was very active as a normal foot. Mr. Kobayashi, who likes the style, seemed to have longed for a car with over fenders, and the X-1 · R fulfilled that desire.

Later, when I was changing cars from the Showa era with the Carina Sedan and the 117 Coupe, I came across the third Cherry Coupe, the X-1 ・ R.

After purchase, just like the previous Cherry Coupe, it is always the same on hot, cold and rainy days as a daily foot.

When the Nagano Olympics were held, I ran on snowy roads and watched the game. During hobbies such as skiing and mountain climbing, the luggage space where a lot of luggage can be loaded was useful.

It's only natural that the deeper your involvement with the X-1R, the more you want to maintain its appearance and mechanics. It was a restoring of that feeling.

When the rear gate jumps up, a luggage space with plenty of volume appears. The rear seatback falls forward, further increasing capacity.

Rear seats in their original condition.

The X-1 ・ R comes standard with a three-point front seat belt.

When the coupe debuted, some grades were equipped with three-spoke steering, but the X-1 / R was equipped with "skin-winding" two-spoke steering.

Now, the steering position can be said to be a design that emphasizes the personality of the cherry. The steering shaft passes diagonally and the steering wheel is angled.

Nostalgic Hero Vol.145 June 2011 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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