Nissan's new "e-4ORCE" is more secure and exciting than ever

Nissan will further boost the performance of electric vehicles with the new electric drive four-wheel control technology "e-4ORCE". The "e-4ORCE" instantly transmits torque to the four wheels, achieving stable power and handling comparable to many premium sports cars.

The "e" in the "e-4ORCE" comes from 100% electric vehicles. "4ORCE" is the physical power and energy multiplied by the four-wheel drive "4". Takao Asami, Senior Managing Executive Officer in charge of research and advanced technology development at Nissan Motor, said, "The e-4ORCE offers drivers more security and excitement with accurate handling and stability. This technology provides the cornering performance and high traction performance desired on slippery roads, and provides a comfortable ride for all occupants. "

It was created through the development of the ATTESA E-TS electronically controlled torque split four-wheel drive system of the Nissan GT-R and the intelligent 4×4 system of the Nissan Patrol. The "e-4ORCE" has been developed for the purpose of realizing smooth and stable output and braking performance of electric vehicles.

Its comfortable ride is unique to the "e-4ORCE," which minimizes body vibration. By utilizing the regenerative brake of the rear motor in addition to the front motor, it is possible to spend less time in traffic jams and comfortably. Similarly, on uneven road surfaces and during acceleration, the motor is optimally controlled to suppress changes in vehicle body posture and provide comfortable driving.

Furthermore, by precisely controlling the driving force and brake of the motor, high line trace performance is realized, giving the driver a sense of security. Beginners can enjoy driving on slippery roads because they can drive with confidence on any road surface.

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