Nissin Foods, Cup Noodles container on the biomass ECO Cup to switch to


Nissin Foods, Cup Noodles container by 2021 from the traditional one again, biomass ECO Cup on the Switch and announced.

【Here】Nissin,Cup Noodles design of the trademark

Nissin Cup of noodles is,as you know, it is the world’s first Cup noodles in there. In 1971 the birth of the container speaking about it and can be adopted for Styrofoam in the was. Styrofoam and bubble containing polystyrene can more easily say plastic which is a kind of.

Then, the oil for fossil resources to reduce their reliance on social wave happens,Cup noodle containers in 2008, the”ECO Cup”changed. This is mainly in paper I, and is a renewable resource that is.

This”biomass ECO Cup”and what was that like conventional ECO Cup for thermal insulation, such as functionality, while remaining ECO Cup also used petroleum derived plastics to plant-derived biomass plastic part to replace,biomass to 81%for that product.

Conventional ECO Cup compared to 1 Cup of oil-derived plastic consumption nearly in half, burning at the discharge of CO2 is about 16% reduction become.

This biomass ECO Cup transition by the end of 2019 from the beginning, the Cup and the launch of the 50th anniversary of a milestone in May 2021 during the year around,a complete switch to these plans is that.

And biomass ECO Cup transition to the”Cup noodles”of each flavor, not just”the Nissin yakisoba U. F. O.” And”Nissin of what Hyoe”, such as other goods also, spread the plans and can. [Article: Fujisawa 文太・The article list to look at]

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