NMB Dansaburu! 1st Anniversary “Moon 1”

NMB48 dancer Yuki Higashi [23] Yumi Ishida [21] Yuka Kato [22] Chihiro Kawakami [20] Nao Kawano [17] Karin Kojima [20] "Dan Sabu!" The 1st anniversary concert was held at Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka.

“Dan Sabu!” Was formed by 6 people specializing in dance performance among NMB48. It was the first live performance outside the NMB48 theater. Kato rejoiced, "I'm glad to see the live performance of the theater that I have always aimed for."

Solo performances and dance battles were also performed to excite the venue. The original song “Yasashi no Lightning” recorded in the 21st single of NMB48, “Return to Home!” Was released in August this year.

When asked about a new aspect of the members found in the past year, Kawakami revealed that “Yukitsun-san [East] thought that he was a quiet person, but he was talking alone.”

Looking back over the year, Kojima, who serves as the captain of the entire group, thanked, “There is always a captain at NMB48. Kono recalled, “At first, it was only seniors and it was hard to be honest. I was nervous. Now I feel comfortable.”

The goal for Ishida is “From small places, Zepp Namba and Osaka Castle Hall. I want to have such a big goal.” Higashi said, “I want to be a unit that can pull NMB48 so that the 1st anniversary live will come true, and even at the 1st level of the month [live]”.

On the same day, it was also announced that a solo live will be held in Osaka, Namba Hatch on March 23. Kato was enthusiastic about "Because it was spring [when the live was held], we have to show us even more power up". Kojima called out, “Come on, come on.”

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