NMB Yamamoto et al. New Unit “LAPIS ARCH”

NMB48 Umeyama Koiwa [16] Kaminishi Satoshi [18] Yamamoto Ayaka [17] will perform a special performance at the NMB48 Theater in Osaka on the 15th, and a new unit “LAPIS ARCH” will be held by five third-year students Announced the formation.

At the opening, AKB48's songs “NO WAY MAN” and “The Strongest Twintail” were performed. Yamamoto greeted, “Thank you for visiting us today as we haven't announced our members.”

Three people joined in 16 as the fifth grader. Umeyama will hold his first solo concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall next January. Kaminishi is the younger sister of Megumi Kaminishi [24], who was the main member of the first semester. Yamamoto worked as a model for the fashion magazine “Seventeen”, and a new unit was formed by three people who are widely active.

Umeyama says, “I want to challenge various things and show various scenery. I will do my best to get a unit song.” Kaminishi said, “I want to do my best to make NMB48 stand on the stage of Kyocera Dome Osaka so that I can do an arena tour.”

Yamamoto said, “Everyone is a high school student, so I would like to send it to the younger generation.

It was also announced that a solo live will be held at Cool Japan Park Osaka WW Hall on February 14 next year. On the Valentine's Day, Kaminishi laughed, “Don't make a lover until the 14th.”

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