No changes except when the Olympics are selected and the world ranking is announced

The International Federation of Tennis [ITF] announced on September 9 a selection method for the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] tennis competition and the Tokyo Paralympic wheelchair tennis competition, which were postponed to 2009. The announcement of the world rankings, which is the selection criteria, was changed from June 8, 20th, to June 7, 2009, and there were no other changes.

In the world rankings announced on June 7, 2009, a total of 56 people, up to four from one country, will be selected as singles representatives for the tennis competition. There are 3 types of singles, doubles and mixed doubles for men and women. Each singles can play 64 people, doubles 32 each, 16 mixed.

Wheelchair tennis is the world ranking on the same day for 21 years, and a maximum of 4 people per country, 40 men in total, and 22 women in total will be selected. Men's Shingo Kunieda and Yui Uechi of women have already won the singles at the 18th Asian Para Games.

The world tour, which allows you to earn points in the world ranking, will not be held until the end of July for both tennis and wheelchair tennis, and the timing of resumption is still undecided.

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