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NO for unnecessary location information acquisition. Android app policy tightened from April-Engadget Japan

Google will enhance privacy-related features in Android 11, but we will also respond on the application side to enhance privacy in earlier versions as well.
According to Google, in April we will change our user location policy to restrict location access in the background.

Specifically, the policy does not allow background location access unless it is required as a core function of the application. For example, an SNS app that allows users to choose to share their location with friends may allow background access, but an app that searches for nearby stores may Background access will no longer be allowed. This policy change will take place in April, but there is a grace period for the actual response. Nevertheless, new apps registered on or after August 3 will require approval for background location access, and existing apps will need to be approved or modified by November 2.

After November 2, apps that access location information in the background without approval will be removed from Google Play.

The app's stricter policies have been implemented through access to SMS and call logs, and have had a clear effect. Similar effects may be expected for location information.

In Android 10, access to location information can be permitted only when using the application, but in Android 11, access can be further advanced to allow accessSetting to allow only onceWill be added. In this case, you can access your location information while using the authorized app, but you will need to re-authorize the user the next time an access request occurs.


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