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Even casual scenery,CALLAIf you shoot with 』,“ shines ”mistaken pear? You can take nostalgic photos with the usual shooting feeling.

"CALLA" turns casual scenery into a "retro" one!

Nowadays, you can take high-quality photos with just one smartphone, but recently I am getting hooked on old-fashioned photos like film cameras. However, it is troublesome to prepare a camera, and carrying around every time you go out is a bit of a luggage. When I wondered if there was a simpler and less expensive way, I came across a camera app called “CALLA”.

Compared to a regular camera app …

This app is a camera app that can take photos like a film camera. When you launch the app, you will first be notified of your permission, such as "" CALLA "is asking for access to your photos." Of course, tap "OK" here. After going through the permissions, a simple tutorial has begun.

The shooting screen is finally here. Usage is almost the same as a normal camera application. However, this app requires "focus adjustment", and there is a memory for focusing around the shooting button. It is like this when you put the orange circle pot on the bottom for trial.

Let's take a single photo using the app. The look through the camera was not particularly different, but I was surprised when compared to the photos taken with a normal camera app. The atmosphere and colors of the pictures are quite different, and the colors of the fabric panels on the walls have changed significantly. Like a film camera, it's also a personal point to put the date on photos.

▼ "CALLA" on the left, photos taken with a normal camera application on the right

If you use "CALLA", you may be able to take one nostalgic picture in your daily life.

・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Photo / Video
・ Capacity: 180.9 MB
・ Version: 2.0.9
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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