No reselection of table tennis Olympics representative, Harimoto et al.

The Japan Table Tennis Association held a board meeting in Tokyo in response to the postponement policy of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] for about one year on the 28th, and approved not to redo the selection of the Olympic representatives.

Assuming that the event will be held until the summer of 2009, a job offer of 6 men and women will be maintained. The boys are Tomokazu Harimoto and Takaki Niwa. Jun Mizutani is the team match representative and mixed doubles representative. Women's singles representatives are Misato Ito [including mixed doubles] and Yoshizumi Ishikawa. The team game representative is Miu Hirano. Along with this, it was approved that the terms of service of boy coach Yosuke Kurashima and women coach Mika Baba could be extended by up to one year.

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