No Side Game: The Last Night of the Special Edition: Astros VS Cyclones' Death Fight "…

A special episode of the TBS drama "No Side Game" [broadcasting for the period ending July 2019] starring actor Hiroshi Oizumi was broadcast on the same station on May 24 from 8 pm. The "death fight" of the league-winning rugby team "Astros" vs. "The Cyclones" was broadcast, and on SNS it was "just a death struggle …" "not breathing" "I know the content in the rerun but I'm moved" "crying screen There was also a voice saying "I'm distorted", and there was also a voice cheering for Astros's Joe Hamahata [Toshiro Hirose] and Keita Nanao [Atsushi Maedago], saying "Go!" .. On Twitter, “# No Side Game” came in second in the trend.

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