No successful bid! Three custom Porsche in the world ordered by a soccer player

There is one that is further tuned based on the "Super Porsche" Carrera GT, which has a maximum output of over 600 horsepower and a speed exceeding 300 kmh.

It was created by the prestigious German tuning brand Genbara and is called the "Genbara Mirage GT". It uses a generous amount of carbon fiber parts and aero parts developed by Guenbara, and has a maximum output of 680 horsepower. This Mirage GT costs about 35 million yen [300,000 euros] for a custom car alone, and in addition to that, the purchase cost of the Carrera GT is required. The total would be about 100 million yen.

At the auction held in France in February 2020, one Guambala Porsche was exhibited, but ended without being sold. So far, 25 Mirage GTs have been manufactured, but only three have been exhibited in the "Gold Edition". The rear wings, wheels, mirrors, and other parts are also gold, and the interior has a luxurious specification with gold door handles, steering, and switches.

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In addition, the first owner to order the one was Samuel Etto, a former Cameroon soccer player. The delivery destination was France's home in Etto. The mileage is only 6,500 km, but it was maintained at the Porsche Factory in Stuttgart in January 2020, and the condition is perfect. The estimated winning bid has not been disclosed, but it is definitely a featured item for collectors.

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