NobelBright Youtube support program elected

The 12th set of the 1st 2020 program "Foundry", which supports YouTube's hottest artists around the world, was announced on the 20th, and Novelbright was selected from Japan.

The program started in 2016 with the aim of enhancing the artist's ability to disseminate through channel operation workshops and content production sessions.

Following this election, "I'm trembling when I imagine that Novelbright's music will reach people all over the world. I'm sure YouTube will be a great opportunity to get to know Novelbright!", Commented as a band. ..

In addition to Novelbright, 12 groups including Adam Melchor, a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, LimeCordiale, a brother-rock pop duo in Sydney, Australia, and REIAMI, a Korean-American multi-talented artist, were announced.

Novelbright is a 5 piece rock band formed in 2013. Active as a current member since January 19th. The main activity is live on the street, but in the video, the vocalist Yudai Takenaka's singing voice has become a hot topic, such as "an exceptionally good horse," "singing to goosebumps."

The 1st full album "WONDERLAND" will be released on 27th. However, the release tour that was planned to be held to commemorate the release of the album was decided to be self-restraint due to Corona. On the 12th, all members will immediately deliver a YouTube distribution entitled "Novelbright Emergency Meeting". We held a discussion session with the fans on the theme of "how can we be more active in the band while the activities are limited?"

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