Noda Hideki's New Year's card every year "Eh" next year can not wait

Playwright and actor Hideki Noda [64] has always been looking forward to what he wrote. It is a print of a long sentence that is autographed, and each time there is something that makes you think "eh".

This was the birth of a fourth child. Last year's New Year's card said, "A new child, that is, the fifty-th work will be born. The birth date is expected to be autumn." I was writing.

However, this time, he reported, "A fourth child [three girls] was born following last year", and said, "We are growing up well. Everyday, surrounded by four children, one year old, one year old, and 0 years old, is a day of going back and forth between "heaven" and "hell". "

Noda married his actress during the "Gekidan Yume no Yuminsha" era, but later divorced. Although she had lived with Shinobu Otake, she remarried actress Yoko Fujita [39] in 2005. The first child will be born in 2009, the second daughter will be born in 2014, and the eldest son will be born in 2018.

It's not just fun. The 2013 New Year's card wrote "Japan's most relaxed New Year's card." His friend Nakasaburo Nakamura died in December of the previous year. "I feel like I'm still mourning in the middle. I thought it would be rude to have such a man put out a New Year's card, such as" Congratulations, "but those who survived seemed to survive and had to live their days in peace. I don't think so, I'm giving it out. "

In this New Year's card, I wrote something nice for those who have been watching Noda's work. "I'm convinced that, as a playwright, I could still do a little more with" Q. "I hope to take advantage of that momentum and write a new work later this year." The “fifth new child” that will be born will show her face next year. ” I look forward to next year's NODA MAP performance.

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