Nogizaka 46. 4th class is a fresh gravure and appears on the cover of "Bom", and the bikini of Nanami Owada

Nogizaka 46's 4th-generation students Endo Sakura, Kaki Haruka, Kakehashi Sayaka, Tamura Shingo, Tsutsui Ayame appeared on the cover page of the January issue of "Bom" January [Gakken Plus] Yes.

One year has passed since the set-up, and the 4th class is becoming an important member of Nogizaka 46 as early as possible. “Bom” shows a bright gravure full of sunlight with fresh blue outfits, slightly mature black and white dressy outfits, and tank tops and shorts full of skin. [Image isHereFrom]

Also, from Nogizaka 46, Akimoto Manatsu and Kitano Hinako's Christmas gravure, and pair gravure with plenty of sister feelings of Kubo Fumio and Yakubo Mio.

In addition, the back cover is the second Sayaka Hatakeyama and the topic of Nanawa Owada in a bikini, and on January 15th [Wednesday], the 26th single “Soyutoko is there? SKE48, Shiori Aoki and Yuka Kitano's swimsuit pair gravure are also on sale. [Image isHereFrom]

▽ Bomb January issue
Special list price: ¥ 998 + tax
Release date: Monday, December 9, 2019
Issued by: Gakken Plus Co., Ltd.

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