Nogizaka 46 Momoko Ozono, Shiraishi “ Don't give up ''

Following the announcement of the graduation of Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi [27], a third-year junior member, Momoko Ohzono [20], updated his blog on the 7th and continued his feelings.

"I had a graduation announcement of Mr. Shiraishi. I had a premonition, but with the announcement, I felt much more lonely." "I always helped me. I was careful about bad things. I took me to rice and dropped my clothes."

Third graduate who joined in September 2016. "Before entering Nogizaka, I only knew that Nogizaka was a beautiful person, but I met him with kindness and affection. "I'm not confident I can endure the graduation live from now on …"

Ohen was taking a national tour last summer due to poor health. "When I was off in the summer, it all went wrong," she recalls. "It's hard again to trouble my favorite people because it doesn't work, but it just doesn't work. If you don't like it, you would be hated by those who love it, and when you thought it was better to quit, I was worried, I didn't abandon you, and invited me to eat, "said Shiraishi.

Then, "I'm sorry every time I get kindness and affection, I'm very lonely thinking that it will end someday. I didn't like it unless I met. I just think about that." "I have little time left to stay with Nogizaka. I can't hide my feelings of loneliness by telling a lot of thanks, but I have to do my best to be able to see them off with a smile full of tears. That's what I feel." . "I'm still writing and I'm tearing now," she said.

Ozono is one of the junior members who had a close friendship with Shiraishi. In the single "Escape Water" released in August 2017, which was pulled out of the double center, there was a part where Shiraishi and two people sang.

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