Nogizaka 46 Ransei Terada Influence of activity is first in corona

It has been getting warmer!

The cherry blossoms are also blooming little by little …

Under the influence of the coronavirus

It is a little lonely spring visit.

There is an announcement that it is ending in China

Playing in the park or everyday without a mask

I saw the news that we are returning.

But instead of being careless

I want you to take the same measures as before.

Now Europe is in a crisis

It's said that the country, age, nothing

The coronavirus that doesn't seem to matter …

Discrimination around the corona has also occurred,

Now we are united all over the world

I want to calm down and respond.

As an idol

For postponing or regulating events

It was affected,

Your safety is first.

For the day you can meet again

I will take all possible measures

Everyone continues

Don't be afraid to act as someone else!

Nogizaka46's new song "Protective Color of Happiness" [released on the 25th]
Nogizaka46's new song "Protective Color of Happiness" [released on the 25th]

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