Nogizaka 46 Terada Ranyo, don't waste Hara's life

I don't think music has a border.

A lot of music for parents since childhood

I was brought up to teach.

KARA's music is also very nice

The four beautiful singing voices are sparkling

The more you listen, the more you are drawn

I used to listen to it when driving with my family

KARA is very nice and important in me

It was part of a fun memory.

Willingness to live in the vegetation on the road

There is.

We human beings have built civilization

I am surrounded by a lot of information.

But just trying to look forward and grow

When there is a difference with the plant


In words that somehow can be hung on someone

Hurting my heart, moving my heart,

Getting hot.

Anyone is alive, with a small body

I'm asking you for words I can't stand.

There are also problems with it.

But someone who has the exact same idea in this world

Nothing. So,

I would be happy if you could get sympathy,

Sometimes we get negative opinions.

One thing I can say is that you can lose your life in vain

It must not be in this world.

SNS culture has penetrated and

The future is going to be more digital

Because this world will be

Once again about your way of life

I want you to stare at the words.

Don't waste your life

Dreams, hopes, and happy feelings for many people

For her who gave me, I too

What I can do today

I want to do my best.

[Nikkan Sports.com “Nogizaka 46 Ranyo Terada NEWS Tomaranze”]

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